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Bakasyunan Resort Tanay

My second time in doing team building.

As a second-timer doing a team building for me it’s an advantage because some of the activities I can handle it very well considering that it’s not my first anymore.

However my second team building turned out to be the most memorable one, simply I love spending time with my colleague and at the same time there is also a different challenges  than my first one.


This one seems to be a little bit extreme for me I guess? And the focus of the challenges are mainly into “TRUST”, helping one another, achieving goals, tactics and so on.

To be honest I cannot remember if our teams win, because most of the time I’m just laughing.

credits: Muffie travel: 2013
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The Forest Club

Technically we visited this place for team building purposes. Never been in a team building before and and definitely this one is my first!

The Forest Club is located at Laguna, this place is a nature loving place and yeah we enjoyed our stay in this place.

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These are our challenges:


The first activity was to pass this hullahoop.


Second: Log Crossing and Hanging Bridge


Third: Bamboo Rafting


Fourth activity (note: never use a lotion!)



We also have a mud crawl in the end.

PS: Photos credit to Laguna Forest Travel: 2012
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It was my cousin’s wedding (who actually live abroad and he’s marrying a girl from Isabela).

Ever since my boyf and I have been thinking of visiting this place (his birthplace). Though it wasn’t part of the plan to visit this place, but given the opportunity yeah we grab it.

The Longest Travel by Land

From Manila to Isabela it took almost 7-8 hours, and definitely I’m not inlove travelling by land.

The Traditional Wedding

We experienced a lot of dancing in this place, DANCE -the night before the wedding and the wedding. Even heard an Ilocano song and also where you have to give some money during the dance.

Magat Dam

Since we arrive early, my cousin’s friends and his parents decided to have a little quick trip, we visited the Magat Dam. And it was beautiful can’t believe that this dam is such a beau.

St. James Parish Church

It was actually a 2 days and 1 night stay, so before we head home, boyf and I visited his birthplace where he got baptized.

Travel 2015
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Canyon Cove

For the first time in forever my boyf and I will celebrate our anniversary out-of-town. And by the way he was too hands-on on booking the hotel accommodation. Making sure it will be a pamper place for the two of us.

So we look for a beach place that is near in Manila and yeah we ended up in Canyon Cove.

Highlight: The pool in this place is great because of the less chlorine, they offer beach activities too and you don’t need snorkeling I guess? you just wake up early and visit the beach you’ll see those cute lil fish (and they gonna bite you too… 🙂 )


Exactly what we needed after coming from too much stress. Though there is nothing much in this place what matters is that we’re able to appreciate what we have and what more will come.

This travel happened last August 2014

Personal Thought

First Credit Card

It’s feel like I’m a big girl now!

Sorry for the introduction, but I just can’t hide my excitement of getting my very first credit card. For the longest time my family forbids me on getting one, they know the hassle of having debts and they know that I am an impulsive buyer too. 😀

But right this moment where they didn’t know I get one might surprise them for reals!

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A few months ago, I’ve been talking about my upcoming travel where I have to plot it on Google Maps. And Yes, that place is Cebu and Bohol (tho in Bohol, we hired a travel agency).

DIY Part

What I did is that I just searched the best places to eat and visit in Cebu (by the way it’s a three days and two nights stay in cebu-bohol, so as much as possible I’m just searching for places that is just nearby)

So we took a half-day tour in Cebu using the map that I printed and I’m happy to say we nailed our Cebu trip.

Places we visited in Cebu:

Yap-San Diego Ancestral House

Colon Obelisk

Magellan’s Cross

Cathedral of Cebu Museum

Plaza Independencia

Fort San Pedro – this area is actually close with the ferry going to Bohol


Day 1 Since Cebu is known for their churches and historical places, I opted to wear a casual dress, pairing it with my white sneakers and cap (I’ve lost by the way my nike cap on our way to bohol 😦 ).

Day 2 Wearing dress again since it’s a Bohol country side tour and also I paired it with my white sneakers

Swimsuit: Onies which I bought ah F&F

Day 3: White beachy cover-up and shorts from H&M

Travel Date:

CEBU – Yeaps it’s summer and it’s freakin hot though we’re travelling light, however carrying your bag on a half day trip is a little bit hassle plus you also have to use your umbrella for sun protection.

BOHOL – HOT HOT HOT my outfit is just right since I’m not taking any activities that will condemn the dress that I’m wearing.


So far it’s the most expensive trip I ever had maybe because we’re just two but when I compare it with my friends who also visited cebu-bohol (in a group) the amount are just the same the only difference is that they we’re able to visited more places.



Travel: April 2016

Personal Thought

Revamping my Instagram Account


I’ve been thinking of deleting my old Instagram posts this past few days. As much as possible I just wanted to post my adventures and happy memories (and keeping it neat when it comes to filter choices, using frames and etc.).

200 (2)

But whenever I say those words I always ended up taking photos of places where I eat and pictures of my throwback memories. I’ve tried to find another solution by creating anew IG account but the problem is, it’s not the account named after me.

200 (3)

visit @awanderroad instagram

In the end, I ended up deleting my 300+  photos down to 80+ something, damn I wish Instagram has an option to organize your filters at the same time re-arranging your photos. But for now it will be a tedious job for me to think what filter should I use and what photos should I upload too.

PS. Dear imaginary followers give me sometime to update all my post including images.  Enjoy Stalking 🙂