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A Wander Road

So I’m finally giving myself my own hashtag, a few years ago I think when I started being active in instagram. Been wanting to have my so called official hashtag at first I was thinking of using the word “wander” but decided to use the word “adventures” apparently since I have a common name decided to use my first option “wander” but I want something different instead I opt to call it it “wanderroad”. Thank God no one was using it. Though I forgot most of the time to add this on my post. But last night I officially wanted to claim that hashtag. However, there are some using it (though I know I’m the first one to use checking all the post with #wanderroad most of them are new post).

So it all finally went down and yes, my official hashtag would be “#Awanderroad” (A stands for Abie BTW)

It’s kinda crazy to do something like this, but it’s fun anyway.

PS. Decided to rename my blog too.


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