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A few months ago, I’ve been talking about my upcoming travel where I have to plot it on Google Maps. And Yes, that place is Cebu and Bohol (tho in Bohol, we hired a travel agency).

DIY Part

What I did is that I just searched the best places to eat and visit in Cebu (by the way it’s a three days and two nights stay in cebu-bohol, so as much as possible I’m just searching for places that is just nearby)

So we took a half-day tour in Cebu using the map that I printed and I’m happy to say we nailed our Cebu trip.

Places we visited in Cebu:

Yap-San Diego Ancestral House

Colon Obelisk

Magellan’s Cross

Cathedral of Cebu Museum

Plaza Independencia

Fort San Pedro – this area is actually close with the ferry going to Bohol


Day 1 Since Cebu is known for their churches and historical places, I opted to wear a casual dress, pairing it with my white sneakers and cap (I’ve lost by the way my nike cap on our way to bohol 😦 ).

Day 2 Wearing dress again since it’s a Bohol country side tour and also I paired it with my white sneakers

Swimsuit: Onies which I bought ah F&F

Day 3: White beachy cover-up and shorts from H&M

Travel Date:

CEBU – Yeaps it’s summer and it’s freakin hot though we’re travelling light, however carrying your bag on a half day trip is a little bit hassle plus you also have to use your umbrella for sun protection.

BOHOL – HOT HOT HOT my outfit is just right since I’m not taking any activities that will condemn the dress that I’m wearing.


So far it’s the most expensive trip I ever had maybe because we’re just two but when I compare it with my friends who also visited cebu-bohol (in a group) the amount are just the same the only difference is that they we’re able to visited more places.



Travel: April 2016


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