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It was my cousin’s wedding (who actually live abroad and he’s marrying a girl from Isabela).

Ever since my boyf and I have been thinking of visiting this place (his birthplace). Though it wasn’t part of the plan to visit this place, but given the opportunity yeah we grab it.

The Longest Travel by Land

From Manila to Isabela it took almost 7-8 hours, and definitely I’m not inlove travelling by land.

The Traditional Wedding

We experienced a lot of dancing in this place, DANCE -the night before the wedding and the wedding. Even heard an Ilocano song and also where you have to give some money during the dance.

Magat Dam

Since we arrive early, my cousin’s friends and his parents decided to have a little quick trip, we visited the Magat Dam. And it was beautiful can’t believe that this dam is such a beau.

St. James Parish Church

It was actually a 2 days and 1 night stay, so before we head home, boyf and I visited his birthplace where he got baptized.

Travel 2015

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