About Me

About the Author:

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you a couple of things about me:

Abie is a self-proclaimed writer wannabe, she loves reading and writing anything that inspire her, she has bigger dreams and creative ideas, but half of her were too lazy on starting doing things.

You can find her profiles on the World Wide Web as she used to create a website using free hosting site but she was too busy. That’s why most of her blogs are not maintained.

She is a lover of How I Met your Mother, How to get a way with Murder, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and she was inlove with the individual characters.

She is not a lover of fiction before but she was able to appreciate it (proof: she loves sci-fi)

Recently she re-joined Pottermore and sorted at the Gryffindor House.

And by the way she is not into drinking coffee unless it’s a frappe

Blog Inspiration:

Her parents rarely took her on a trip, she doesn’t have much clothes on her closet, she’s just a typical girl who wears anything. She is actually a fan of writings and she one day believed she could be a writer.

As time goes by she discovers that there is more to life that awaits her. The things she knows that was not good turns out to be not bad at all and through then she continue to discover who she is.


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