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She’s Nobody

She was crying

She knows the chances she could have grab

She want it so badly

But she’s weak

She couldn’t even figure out what she want

What’s only left on her mind she’s a NOBODY.

Could it be possible for her to change her life?

Poetry, Writings


She had her own issues

She’s dealing with it everyday

She has spoken to a number of people including a psychiatrist.

But the TRUTH is.

The PAIN won’t go away unless she ACCEPT it


It’s her life and she must find a way on she would STOP the TRAUMA that’s BOTHERING HER.

Poetry, Writings

September Blues

We met for a reason.

It was in the midst of the year when you asked for my number.

I told you, just to get it on the file.

I didn’t know that you’ll pursue to get my number.

It just so happen…and it happened.

We started to have a good conversation

There are days that we can’t stop our selves from exchanging messages

And there are days that I missed you most.

One day

You asked me out I didn’t know how to respond.

Then I just hit the button YES.

We both agreed with the time and meeting place.

You said you gonna fetch me.

But I refused.

Clock hits at 4 pm and soon enough

I’ll see you.

I’ll see


I’m going to see you in a few hours.

So I’ve waited for you on the exact meeting place.

I see you walking towards me

and damn your smiling at me.

Can’t help but to blush.

So we went for a good dinner shared a bottle of wine.

Tried to start a conversation.

We even tried to look for a place where we can peacefully

shared our lips.

But it turned out that

We’re not likely to have each other.

Even if we wanted too.

Morning was about to start I can see the sunshine in your eyes.

I want to pressed your hands against mine.


I just can’t

In the end we both ended struggling with our own feelings.

September starts

and we stop talking.

Maybe it’s one of the best stories I have

Where you’ve almost experienced a mutual feelings but didn’t happen