Cafe Breton

Breakfast habit!

The most important meal after all, so my boyf and I have been hunting food again and this time the search for the Ultimate breakfast meal.

Every breakfast that we shared together, it’s been always eating in the nearest area, but for a change we decided to eat breakfast somewhere.

And yes finally, we tracked down Cafe Breton.

My Pick – Sausage Platter with Toast

His Pick – Hearty Breakfast Meal

as much as we wanted to have a DIY Crepe but we’re still full.

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Verdict: Everything is so good.

Personal Thought

Enjoy Life

Out of the blue I opened to my colleague about my life, particularly about my goals in life (still unknown as of this moment) fair enough we both have the same drama in life.

The story goes. I told her that why I can’t still find the path that I should have taken that will makes me happy? I even mentioned to her about my life, my career, my friends’ life (who knows what they want). And suddenly she admits that she also feels the same before.

But before the drama continues, she gave me a piece of advice, according to her there is a show in television where the host says that “do not look for the path that you should have taken, instead enjoy what you have right now, yes maybe until know you don’t know what you want but its normal just be happy.”

Maybe all along I should be happy instead of looking.


Styling Cullotes Pants

Styling Cullotes Pants


Sandy Liang crop shirt
18,275 PHP –

Topshop racerback top
650 PHP –

Zero Maria cornejo
31,950 PHP –

Lost Ink white trousers
2,620 PHP –

Yves Saint Laurent ankle strap shoes
36,465 PHP –

Billabong polish shoes
2,080 PHP –

Lulu s faux leather hat
970 PHP –

Nixon mens stainless steel watch
11,925 PHP –

King Ice mens watches jewelry
925 PHP –
Personal Thought

A Wander Road

So I’m finally giving myself my own hashtag, a few years ago I think when I started being active in instagram. Been wanting to have my so called official hashtag at first I was thinking of using the word “wander” but decided to use the word “adventures” apparently since I have a common name decided to use my first option “wander” but I want something different instead I opt to call it it “wanderroad”. Thank God no one was using it. Though I forgot most of the time to add this on my post. But last night I officially wanted to claim that hashtag. However, there are some using it (though I know I’m the first one to use checking all the post with #wanderroad most of them are new post).

So it all finally went down and yes, my official hashtag would be “#Awanderroad” (A stands for Abie BTW)

It’s kinda crazy to do something like this, but it’s fun anyway.

PS. Decided to rename my blog too.

Philippines, Travel


Last year I have written two blog entries for my upcoming travel and yes been too excited with that trip which I didn’t mention at all where I’m going. Yeps, it’s everyone fave summer destination “Boracay”

So how do I prepare for my Bora Trip?

Bathing Suit

First, I was having a hard time picking up the right bathing suit for me.  Then when I finally found one which I ordered online. I ordered two items by the way and in the end, I just got disappointed with the said items.


These are the swimsuit that I’ve been dying to wear, however the actual item is not the same with what I’ve expected the materials that they have used is sooo disappointing. Moving forward I ended up buying my bathing on Dept store.

Bora Bod

I’ve tried Cleansing, Apple Cider Vinegar, Exercise in Morning and Evenings and Jogging.

It was kinda insane that I did this routine five months before my upcoming travel, but in the end, I quit doing this stuff since my schedule was shifted again.

Travel Date

Due to unwanted weather in Manila, which there was a heavy rain and storm, I thought I would not be able to see Boracay at its best (sunny weather).

So our travel got delayed and was able to experience some sort of a traffic in the runway.


Day 1

And the weather was a little bit gloomy at the same time airy. Though weren’t able to enjoy our first day due to delayed flights. But we cherished the stay-cation at the hotel. At night we enjoyed the Beach Life in Boracay.

Day 2

Though this time around the weather seems to be pretty fine, I’m seeing Mr. Sun unfortunately all activities were cancelled due to airy weather.

So what we did, we rented a tricycle to fulfilled our Island Hopping.

Food Trips:

Every beach needs to have also a mouth watering food and yes we find it! These are the places where we eat.

  • Paluto – Buttered Garlic Shrimp, Sinigang na Hipon and Grilled Squid
  • Tilapia N Chips

Day 3

Last day at Boracay and the weather seems to be not fine at all!

In the end it wasn’t a bad experience after all, but will definitely visit this place again!

Travel: October 2015

Personal Thought

DIY Travel

Never fond of doing DIY Travel to be honest, if there’s a chance to hire a travel agency or someone who can do all this it will be better but for now I have to endure doing all this travel 101.

To start, it will be a three days and two night trip, supposedly it should be a foursome getaway and due to some changes it’s now me and my boyf who will have to be hands-on doing this travel itinerary.

Friends & Colleagues Travel Experienced

Some say the best way to get into your destination is to ask people who have been there and yes they gave us a lot of recommendations places to stay and go, but unfortunately, since it’s a travel for only two persons, I’d expect a larger amount will cost me and yes it is.

Making Inquiries

I’ve only made one inquiry based on a friend’s recommendation, though even they are trying to give all the possible list that we can do during our travel still I can’t picture out how it will happen

Online vouchers are not exactly the way you wanted to have

If I could turn back time I wished I have searched more on Google places to go and stay.

Apparently we bought a voucher tours via online and the funny thing the images that they are showing in their ads are quite miss leading they are showing you the destination to visit but inside the vouchers  it is not included in the package. READ and DO MORE RESEARCH never trust the image.

In the end they charge us with our additional trip.


Been plotting all the possible places that I wanted to go using google maps and fortunately it’s really helpful it will show you how long you’re going to get in your destination if your using vehicle and if you opted to walk instead.

So far I have listed a couple places to go and eat and hoping it will be a successful trip.

Philippines, Travel

Baguio after 5 years

Like what we did before in Puerto Galera we booked earlier our accommodation to Baguio, though at first I was hesitant to go back to Baguio since we’ve visited this place before during our educational trip way back in college. And also I’m a new employee with my new job and I’m a little shy to ask my boss’s permission that I’ll be on leave, but in the end I was able to file my leave.

Basically, we don’t have a clear itinerary we only have a clear arrival and departure. Though I suggested that we visit 50’s diner and the bell tower church (which I’ve actually seen this place from my Facebook friends who also visited Baguio recently)

Then one of our college friends Donna, who couldn’t make it on our Baguio trip suggested that we should try eating at Good Taste and visit Tamawan.

Upon arriving at Baguio our first visit Burnham Park while waiting for Boyfie who currently lives in Nueva Ecija that time. We felt a little starved so we decide to look for Good Taste.

No words to describe this place definitely a “good taste” the food is worthy. I wished I have pictured our food. Anyway we ordered three viands (which is good for 5 people)

Liempong Kawali
Sangag na Kanin

Then finally my boyfie arrives, we head to our hotel, though our place may look like a creepy one (Yes indeed it was a creepy one). But somehow we enjoyed playing WII. (Lesson Learned: always look for a nice hotel)

By dinner we decided to visit SM Baguio and ate at Shakey’s ohh I forgot to tell you it was my birthday. And good thing I’ve got a discounts + free ice cream + happy birthday chants. After eating dinner we went for an ultimate ukay-ukay hunting.

DAY 2:
First stop, we ate at a 50’s diner, ever since I had this fascination eating at diners place especially the old school ones. Then we visit the Bell Church Tower, it feels like I’m in Hong Kong though I’ve never been in that place.

Next destination Tamawan, it could be better if we have tour guide in this place so everything will be explained.

Third Destination: Butterfly Garden

Fourth Destination: Camp John Hay and the Cemetery of Negativism

Fifth Destination: Mines View Park

Sixth Destination: Botanical Garden

DAY 3:

We visited Good Shepherd and Baguio’s public market, note that during summer it is not the best time to visit the strawberry farm

Travel: May 2014